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Exotic MoCap Dance Data

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This dance mocap data pack includes a set of 26 motion capture 'Exotic Dance' style motion capture files. These are slow and sensual motions designed for female characters. The mocap animations were recorded in our optical motion capture studio and performed by a professional dancer. The resulting mocap data has been carefully cleaned, processed and looped and are ready to use in several different 3D formats. These mocap data files are suitable for 3D artists and game developers that wish to quickly animate there characters with smooth and realistic motion.

The primary format in this pack is FBX. This is our core cleaned and processed motion capture animation and should be used for retargeting and converting to other skeletons and file formats. We have also included some supplementary files to help you retarget and use the mocap data along with some already converted sets for 3dMax and Unreal.


Please note that the dancing girl character used in the demo video for this product is for illustrative purposes only. It is not included in the package. The FBX animations come retargeted to our standard android character.

You will get a ZIP (271MB) file

Included MoCap Formats & Compatibility

FBX Primary *

This is the primary supplied file format for MotionBuilder, Maya, Blender and other 3D applications. These are 60fps FBX files that will work in a wide range of 3D Applications.

3DMax Biped

60fps Motion capture character animations retargeted to the biped skeleton and converted into bip format for use in 3D Studio Max.

Unreal Engine

30fps FBX mocap animations retargeted for the Unreal Engine manny skeleton rigged to our own mesh model. These files will also work great with Unity Engine.


60fps Motion files suitable for use with iClone7 and above and other compatible software.