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MoCap Dance Mega Pack Bundle

We've added a new bundle to our store! It contains all motion capture dance packs we have released to date (ie. before July 2024 ). That is 44 mocap dance packs in a wide variety of dance styles and genres. We have priced the bundle to offer a 40% discount compared to buying the included packs individually.

There are a total of 849 motion capture dance clips in total. The motions vary in length, usually around the 30 second mark. All our mocap dance motions are cleaned, looped ready for use in your 3D animation or video game projects. They all come retargeted on our red andoid character in FBX format. We also include them in a few other formats and setups to help you get started quickly. You can find out more about this mocap bundle and the individual mocap dance packs included here... Click Here

We will continue to add new dance packs to our store. Please note however that this pack only includes mocap packs we have added before July 2024.