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New MoCap Data Pricing Model

Managing and pricing our mocap data offering has always been a bit tricky! They cost a fair amount to produce but pricing packs to keep them accessible usually means they do not reflect the production cost at all. We used to sell individual motions too, but this proved extremely hard to manage for our small team so we opted to focus only on the themed mocap data packs.

Over the past few years we have released various mocap data packs. We generally priced them at a standard cost for the usage license rather than according to the number of motions included in the pack. To be clear, whilst we are still selling licenses rather than a tangible product we have decided to adjust how we price them to something a little easier to understand when comparing packs.

From today our dance packs will be priced according to the number of individual motions contained within them. Each motion will be valued as £5 (GBP) within a pack price. (This is not intended to imply true value, but is a useful system for comparative valuation of our packs.). So a pack with 10 motions will now cost £50, and a pack with 12 will cost £60 etc.

On top of this, unless it is an exceptionally large mocap data pack or part of a multi-pack bundle we also intend to keep the prices capped at a maximum of £99 each (excluding vat). So even our mixed motion dance packs which contain 40 dances each will now be priced at £99. Incidentally we have a bundle for all three of these mixed mocap packs now with a 50% off compared to purchasing individually. So you can now get all three (thats a total of 120 dance motions) for just £149 which is the same price we used to sell each pack individually!

Most of our mocap dance packs will now be cheaper than they were before and some maybe slightly higher. Generally speaking the vast majority of our motion capture dance packs will be cheaper. Only packs with more than 18 motions will fall above our old standard £89 price. And as mentioned, if they do they will generally be capped at a maximum of £99 (excluding vat)

Moving forward we are going to develop more dance packs and will follow this price system for future releases. We will also be creating various bundles shortly offering fantastic discounts. We may also release a few individual motions again soon, but this is still under consideration. If we do it will likely be a very limited number to keep workload down. As before when we offered them, individual animations will be priced higher than their effective 'in pack' price.

Hopefully, this all makes sense. It should make our dance packs more affordable and easier to understand if you plan to purchased different sets with more or fewer animations inside. Of course any sales and discounts will be applied on top of these new prices too. So expect some fantastic deals in the future. One final note, for EU and UK customers please note that VAT will now be charged on top of sales. ( Previously we actually had to block sales to the EU, but are excited to announce we have resolved the issue around this. So EU customers can now access and purchase from our store. )

Please stay tuned we have lots more planned for the near future...