Gestures & Locomotion

Video showcasing some of our mocap gestures and dances.

At the time of launch we have a series of gestures and actions on our site. We have not uploaded any locomotion sets. Locomotion sets are fairly well catered for already so we focussed on our more unusual content first starting with our Gesture and Dance animations.

Our gestures are a mix of animations depicting various human movements. These animations were intended for use primarily in video games as character gestures, emotes and for NPC interaction animations. Some of these animations are performed in a fairly natural way and others are performed in a more exaggerated way for whimsical character types and games. The kind of scenarios we envision these animations being used for include NPC interactions and key narrative moments within your story telling (For example when a level is completed, a boss or opponent is defeated or perhaps in response to a new discovery in a puzzle game).

At the time of launch, all of the gesture animations on our site can be purchased individually or in a discounted pack. If a gesture is featured in a pack you will find a link to the corresponding pack in the product description.  As with our dance animations they all come in FBX format and also include a set of supplementary files that have already been converted into various formats.  These include Bvh files for use in Daz3D, biped for 3DMax, .rlmotion for use in iClone and an FBX file specifically tailored for use in Unreal Engine. The main FBX or the Unreal Engine FBX can be used in Unity.

We will add more gesture animations over time as well as some complete locomotion sets for different characters. We have not released any locomotion sets yet but over the next year we should get some online. Much of the data for them is already recorded with professional performers, but there is still a lot of work required to clean, process and edit them. We will likely want to include character controllers with them too so there is a lot to do!