NEW Zumba Exercise MoCap Dances

We have just released a new sets of motion capture 'Zumba Exercise' dances for use in video, film and games. These are exercise based dances with latin, reggaeton and some other influences. They are quite highly energised motions, and although exercise based they should be used in a variety of other contexts.

As with our other animations they come in the primary format FBX (60fps) and come with pre-converted mocap files for Daz3D (Genesis, Genesis8 & Victoria 4 characters), 3DMax biped animation files, iClone motion file and a special FBX retargeted specifically for the Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin. The regular fbx file or UE fbx can also be used in Unity mecanim as humanoid type.

PLEASE NOTE: The characters used in the following videos are for demonstration purpose only. The main FBX file comes retargeted to our standard android character. No other characters are included unless otherwise stated.

This first video is a demonstration of the MoCap Zumba dances in Unreal Engine playing on the UE mannequin.

This next video demonstrates each dance playing in iClone in sequence. Each dance is labled in the video when it plays.