Awesome Dances

One aspect our business that we are most known for is our motion capture dances in Virtual Worlds like Second Life. For the past 10 years we have hired professional dancers from many different dance disciplines and have built a huge library of thousands of mocap dances. Most of them range from 20 seconds to 1 minute and have been recorded in such a way to ultimately turn them into looped animations. Up until a couple of years ago, we processed our animations specifically for the online platforms using a pipeline that sped up the processing time for a reasonably quick turn around. This means that the majority of our mocap data requires reprocessing before its ready for the wider 3D Art and Game Development community.

Our online store is now open and we have begun the process of working through our extensive library of dances as well as general character animations, gestures and various locomotion sets.

Our initial launch selection of dances include themed, novelty and well known dances. We also have a fair number of ballet dances. There are more ballet dances we have recorded that will come in the future. Other dance sets to expect include belly dance, hip hop, Charleston, disco, and many more. Couples dances, dances with props and dances on furniture are also in our pipeline.

If you are already familiar with our virtual world brand Abranimations® and would like to see any of our dance animations on our store as FBX then please drop us a line and we will do our best to prioritize them .

Most of our dances are available to purchase individually as well as in discounted multi-animation sets. We will likely include some 'complete set only' options in the future and some random dances may find themselves only being available to purchase individually. As with our other animations they all come primarily in FBX format at 60fps and we include some supplementary files I've converted for use in specific applications. Please check the product description to confirm which formats are included as it is possible this will vary from time to time.

Finally I just want to mention our free set of dances. These are primarily for you guys to download and try so you can test them in your animation pipeline before purchasing our 'for sale' products. Feel free to use these though under the terms of our End User License Agreement. Keep a look our for more free content we may add from time to time.

Heres a video we made that showcases a few of our dances and gestures in action.

- Jim