Site & Product Changes

This is just a quick post to let you all know that after much consideration we've decided it’s time to make a couple of changes our site and product line. This is mainly to help us with productivity and enable us to support different platforms more easily.

The original vision for the site was to make a library of 'ready to go' individual motions. The time and resources needed to manage this and build upon it has proven rather trickier than we anticipated. It's much more practical for us if we focus on motion packs and enhance support for specific platforms. As a result, from today we have removed the individual animation products from our site. The FBX motion packs will remain available. We may adjust the supplementary file content in the near future to add or remove certain formats from them. But this is still under consideration.

Into the future, we also plan to release our data on various other channels as well as our website making It more accessible. We hope to quickly grow the current product range and also have plans to launch some new ones which we are excited about.

Thanks for your understanding.

- Jim Clark