Sales & License Questions


Please read our full licenses here...


We realize that these licenses can be a little tricky to understand so to help provide some clarity we have put together a breakdown in the format of questions and answers to help explain whats included with a purchase along with what you can and cannot do within a license. If you have any questions not covered please drop us an email and we will do our best to get you an answer.


What format is your motion capture data in?
Our mocap data comes in FBX format at 60fps retargeted to a 3D character that can be setup in your software of choice for retargeting to your own models. Please make sure you know how to use the data before purchase as we cannot offer refunds in the event you do not know how to use it. We have provided various tutorials to help where we can and we have some free data we encourage you to download first to test out your workflow. We do sometimes include supplementary files in various other formats but these should not be considered part of the licensed product. These bonus files are included to help get started in various use cases but are more likely to have errors that need fixing.

I have a problem opening the FBX file I've received after purchase?
We are not a big team so it is possible that errors may slip through unnoticed from time to time. If there is a problem with the FBX file preventing it from loading in a supported application or game engine please let us know by email providing as much information as possible regarding the software you are using, version and any other information you feel may be useful in isolating or reproducing the error. We will make every effort to fix it as soon as possible.

What programs will your FBX data work in?
We are not able to test our data in all 3D applications but it should work well in most good 3D software. Software we are sure it will work in includes Autodesk Maya, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Autodesk 3D Max, Blender. It will also work in the Unity and Unreal game engines. Our data should work fine in most software that uses FBX as long as it has an adequate implementation of the FBX sdk. Our FBX files are exported in 2013 fbx version to try and provide as much compability as possible. If a software application you are using only supports later versions though you may need to use some software to 'Upgrade' the fbx version of the files.

What are the supplementary files included with a purchase?
These are additional files we have included with the core FBX files designed to work with various other applications. Please note that these are included as bonus extra material to help speed things up but are NOT intended to be a part of the main product (which is the FBX file). The product listings on our site will list which additional formats are included. These may include iClone .rlmotion files, 3dmax bip files, application specific BVH files and others. These are included as supplementary bonus files though in an attempt to be helpful by taking out the legwork of retargeting and converting for these applications. They are however more likely to have random errors etc. than the main FBX and may need some adjustments. Depending on your intended use you may even find it better to retarget our data yourself from the main FBX file which has had the most attention to detail in its cleanup and processing.

My download link does not work?
If your download link does not work please let us know and we will look into it. We may have a limit on the number of downloads you can make after purchasing a product from us so please make sure you keep a copy of your purchased item safe once successfully downloaded to your machine.

Can you retarget the data I purchase to my model for me?
Sorry we do not have the time or resources to retarget data for customers. The retargetting process is more of an art form than a science and can be very time consuming if it is performed very precisely. We have included some files and tutorials to help in various cases but ultimately it is up to you to transfer our data to your model and use case. Please read up our tutorials and try our sample data before purchase to ensure our data will work in your workflow.



Can I use your Mocap data in a video game I am working on?
Yes as long as the data is reasonably protected it can be embedded within the video game. It must be contained within the games binary files or in an encrypted format that cannot be easily accessed.

Can I use your data in a WebGL online game?
Yes, but none of our files must be accessible in any 3D format in an unencrypted form. The permitted engines at the time of writing are Unity and Unreal. If you wish to use our data in another engine please check our EULA as we may update it from time to time, or contact us at if you wish for us to look into your specific use case.

Do I need to credit you or pay royalties?
You do not have to pay any royalties when you sell works resulting from the use of our data. You also do not have to credit us in your production (Unless you really want to!). If you have made anything really cool though using our data please do let us know. We would love to see what you have made!

Can I use your content in multiple projects?
Yes as long as the projects are your own projects you may use our data in multiple projects.

Can I use your data in a game I am making for a client?
Yes, however you will need to purchase a new license for each client project. Content purchased from our website is only licensed to yourself or your company if you are buying as a company. This license permits you to use the data within your own productions but it does not allow you to use it on limitless productions for external clients. If you are a development company or an individual freelancer creating games for external clients then you will need to buy a new license for each project.

Can I share the data with a team?
Yes but you and your team members must all take measures to ensure the data is secure and is not shared outside the team. Please make sure the team members are all clear on this usage.

Can I use your data within virtual worlds, online games and 3D chat environments?
You may only use your data within a virtual world if it is a closed platform that is your creation. By closed platform we mean it does not allow users to upload or export content. You may not upload our data by itself or an any derivative form to any open platform virtual world or 3D chat environment. Examples of open platforms include Secondlife, IMVU, Sansar, VR Chat, Sinespace and many others. If however the virtual world is your own creation, it is a closed platform and you have take measures to ensure the data is reasonable protected then it is fine.


Can I use your mocap data or other content to produce 3D renders that I sell?
Yes you can use our data and any other content to produce 3D renders either as still images or video, and you may distribute or sell these. However you may not sell them on any stock media sites such as Shutterstock, adobe stock or others not mentioned here.

Can I sell the data in a converted form you do not provide?
No, our data may not be sold in any format, even if it is your own proprietary format. For the sake of clarity, this includes those embedded within virtual worlds, video games and applications.


Can I use your motion capture data within a 3d model I plan to sell?
You may not sell our data with your 3D models. This includes animation data baked to a skeleton rigged to the model or baked directly to the mesh.

Can I use your animation in a real world context, eg. robotics or 3d printing?
Our license does not cover this usage, but feel free to contact us if there is a use case not covered that you would like us to consider. [CONTACT FORM LINK]