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Using 3DXchange to retarget to your own characters.

I personally prefer to retarget using Motionbuilder, but this video tutorial shows how you can use 3DXchange ( Pipeline Version ) from Reallusion to retarget our data to your own characters.

The process in 3DXchange is as follows...

1. Set up our Android character so our FBX files can be converted into rlMotion Files ( iClone format )

2. Setup your own character in 3DX so the rlMotion files can be transfered onto it.

PLEASE NOTE: To export FBX files you will need the pipline edition of 3DExchange

In this video we run through how we set up our android character so that our FBX files can be converted into rlMotion files. In practice you do not need to do this first step as we already supply the android character as an iClone Avatar. You can simply drag this file into 3DX and then drag the main FBX animations in. However you will need to setup your own characters as iClone Avatars if you wish to transfer the rlMotion files onto them.