You can read the full EULA for products purchased from our site Click here

All our products come with an End User License Agreement. To help you understand what you can and cannot do under this agreement we have put together a breakdown in the format of questions and answers.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of can and cant's, but it should help answer some of your questions.

If you have any questions not covered here and you cannot find the answer in our EULA please drop us an email and we will do our best to get you an answer.


Can I sell works made using your mocap data and other digital products?

Yes, Our end user license agreement allows you to create products with out motion capture data and other products that you may sell. The data must not be exportable or accessible though in any way and there are some restrictions.

Do I need to pay royalties?

Or EULA grants a royalty free license to you meaning you do not have to pay any royalties when you sell work or otherwise commercialize a project created using of our motion capture data or other products.

Do I need to credit you?

You do not have to credit us in your production, although we would love it if you do!

Either way please do feel free to let us know about anything cool you've created using our data. We would love to see what you've made!

Can I use your content in multiple projects?

If you are an individual or business using the data for your own internal projects then you may use our data within multiple projects of your own. You may not use them on projects for external companies or individuals though without buying new licenses for each project.

Can I use your data in a project I am making for a client?

Yes, however you will need to purchase a new license for each client project. Products purchased from our website are only licensed to yourself (or company) for use within your own projects.

If you are creating a work for a third party (either an individual or company) you will need to purchase a new license for each project undertaken. However, within a single client project our products can be used multiple times.

Can I share the data with a team I am working with?

Yes but you and your team members must take reasonable measures to ensure the data is secure and not shared outside. Please make sure the team members are very clear on this usage. You ultimately are responsible for their compliance.

Can I include your motion capture data within a 3d model I plan to sell?

No, you may not sell our data with your 3D models. This includes retargeted animation data baked to a skeleton as well as motion baked directly to the models mesh.

Can I use your animation in a real world context, eg. robotics or 3d printing?

Our license does not cover this usage, but feel free to contact us if there is a use case not covered in our EULA that you would like us to consider.

Can I sell the data in a converted format that you do not provide?

No, our data must not be resold in any format even if its your own proprietary format. You may not resell our mocap data or other products in any format individually or as a bundle. For the sake of clarity, this includes distributable formats embedded within virtual worlds, video games and 3d applications or baked to other 3D content you have created.


Can I use your mocap data in a video game I am making?

Yes as long as the data is reasonably protected it can be embedded within the video game. It must be contained within the games binary files or in an encrypted format that cannot be easily accessed.

Please also see our restrictions further down regarding virtual worlds, online games and 3d chat platforms.

Can I sell or distribute a game made using your data?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to pay royalties or credit you in my game?

No, you do not.

Can I use your data in a WebGL web game?

Yes, but with some restrictions.

1. You must ensure that none of our files can be accessed in any unencrypted 3D format.

2. At the time of writing you may only use our data in WebGL exports from Unity and Unreal. This is because not all WebGL platforms are secure. If you wish to use our data in another engine please check our EULA as we may update it from time to time. You can also contact us at if you wish for us to look into your specific use case.

Can I use your mocap data within virtual worlds, online games and 3D chat environments?

You may only use our mocap data within a virtual world if

a) Its a 'Closed Platform'
b) It is of your own creation.
c) It has adequate measures in place to prevent our data being extracted or exported.

By 'Closed Platform' we mean that it does not allow users to upload or export any content. You may not upload our data by itself or in any derivative form to any 'Open Platform' virtual world or 3D chat environment. Examples of open platforms include Secondlife, OpenSim, IMVU, Sansar, VR Chat, Sinespace and many others. If however the virtual world is your own creation, it does not allow its end users to either upload or export content, and you have taken measures to ensure our data is reasonably protected then you may use it within your project.

Can I use your data in a 3D app I am working on?

You may use our data if it is for interactive purposes. You may not include our data as sample data though in an application unless you take reasonable measures to ensure that the data cannot be exported or extracted in any other way.


Can I use your mocap data within films on YouTube, TV or other video/film outlets.

Yes, you are free to use our data within video and still renders you create.

Can I use your mocap data or other content for 3D renders that I sell?

Yes you can use our mocap data and any other content to produce 3D renders either as still images or video. You may distribute or sell these directly to end users in a commercial-off the-shelf way.

Can I use your mocap data or other products for client work?

Yes, however each client project you undertake will need a new license. The license permits unlimited use within the project it has been purchased for.

Can I sell renders through stock media websites?

No, Our EULA does not permit you to sell creations made with our digital products through stock media websites. These include websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Envato and others as well as 3D stock websites