Unreal MoCap Asset Pack Help

This page contains information and help related to our Unreal Engine MoCap asset packs. Our UE asset packs include animations retargeted to the UE mannequin character. All the animations have been recorded and carefully edited so that they loop at the end making them easy to use in your project without too much effort.

The animations all include root motion baked into them should you wish to use this in the engine. The rigs IK bones are also included and have been constrained to move with the hands and feet.

The animations were created with motion capture, cleaned in motionbuilder and imported into UE 4.24. They have all been 'migration' tested in subsequent versions of UE to ensure compatibility.

Included in the asset pack, you will also a folder called Source_FBX which contain the FBX files ( accessible from your OS file explorer ). You can use these should you wish to modify the animations in an external application or import them into earlier versions of Unreal Engine than v4.24.

Included in the asset pack is a copy of the official Unreal Engine mannequin. This is needed for the successful import of FBX files that are retargeted ( see video tutorial below ) to the mannequin and for the retargeting to other characters within UE. If for any reason you do not have this in a project then can find it on the Unreal Marketplace for free.

We have also placed animations in the folder of the mannequin in an A pose and a T Pose. This can be useful for reference when retargeting in UE and other applications.

Below are some additional help tutorials I've pur together to assist in the use of our data in UE. If you have any questions please contact us using the form on this site or email directly to contact@awesomedog.com and I'll do my best to assist.

If you recently purchased one of our asset packs and you like it! Please do leave a positive review on the marketplace :) However if you have any technical problems with it please do contact me so I can try my best to help out!

- Jim Clark





If you need help importing an FBX file retargeted to the UE mannequin the following page has instruction along with a tutorial video.

Importing our FBX files into Unreal Engine



Unreal Engine

If you have imported an FBX file using the above instructions or have loaded one of our unreal engine asset packs you can retarget the animations to your own character inside UE using the built in retargetting system. The follow page contains instructions and a tutorial video to help.

Retargeting Our MoCap in Unreal Engine