40 Mixed Mocap Dances 1


Primary MoCap Data Format
- FBX 2016 60fps
Compatibility Tested
MoBu 2016+, Maya2016+, 3dMax2016+, Blender 2.9+,
Unity 2017+ Mecanim

Supplimentary MoCap Data Formats
- 3DMax biped 60fps
- UE FBX 2016 30fps (Unreal Engine 4.24)
- iClone7 Compatible

Please Note - We no longer include daz files.

Please Note: Our FBX motion capture comes retargeted to our standard android character. Unless otherwise stated, all other characters used in our demonstration videos are NOT included with our products.

40 Mixed Mocap Dances 1 - MoCap Dance Data

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This is a set of mixed motion capture dance animations recorded in our studio with various professional dancers and actors. They were originally recorded for use in our own projects, but we are releasing them now for others to use in their video games and other creative projects.

Included in this set of mocap dances are the following animations

Attitude Walk (19s)

Breakdance Fail (22s)
Brush It Off Dance (34s)
Bunny Hop Dance  (30s)
Cat Daddy (32s)
Clapping Jog Dance (23s)
Crank It (28s)
Criss Cross (31s)
Drunk Dance 1 (30s)
Drunk Dance 2 (28s)
Flappy Wings Dance (21s)
Hip Hop Sprinkler (29s)
Hit Dem Folk Dance (25s)
Hit Dem Folk Stand (20s)
Hitch Hike Hand Jive (26s)
Lean Back Dance (37s)
Make It Rain (28s)
Memphis Jookin Bounce - Faster (27s)
Memphis Jookin Bounce (31s)
Movin Like Bernie (29s)
Off The Shoulder (27s)
Pop Lock & Drop (28s)
Running Man (26s)
Schmoney Dance (34s)
Shoot Dance With Weaves (22s)
Shoot Dance (20s)
Skeeter Rabbit (30s)
Smurf Dance (30s)
Spank That (29s)
Stanky Legg (34s)
Steve Martin Dance (29s)
Surf Boy (12s)
Swag Walk (30s)
The Dab [Subtle] (29s)
The Dougie (29s)
Twerk (23s)
Walk It Out (30s)
Whip Nae Nae (37s)
Window Cleaner (26s)
Yeet (29s)

The primary format in these packs is FBX. This is our core cleaned and processed motion capture animation that can be used for retargeting and converting to other skeletons and file formats. We have also included some supplementary files to help you retarget and use the data along with some already converted sets for 3dMax and an Unreal Engine optimised FBX file.




Primary mocap file format

60fps FBX (Filmbox)

For animation in MotionBuilder, Maya, Blender. They should work with most applications that support FBX format. They will also work with the Unity game engine ( Using the Mecanim Humanoid System ) and Unreal Engine (subject to retargeting)

Supplementary mocap file formats and other included files

These supplementary file format conversion and skeleton retargets are included to help speed up your animation import & retargeting pipeline. Please note they might not be as refined as the core FBX file.

PLEASE NOTE We no longer include Daz3D compatible bvh files with newer mocap sets.
60fps 3DMax Biped These are the motion capture character animations retargeted to the biped skeleton and converted into bip format for use in 3D Studio Max.
30fps Unreal Engine These FBX files are the mocap animations retargeted with root motion to the Unreal Engine skeleton. The file includes our own mannequin model to help with editing. When imported into Unreal Engine without the mesh you will see the mocap animation play on the UE mannequin instead. These are to assist in mocap retargeting within Unreal Engine and for those that wish to use Root Motion baked into the skeleton. This file will also work with the Unity game engine.

iClone 60fps

Motion files suitable for use in iClone7 and Above.

T Pose and Useful files This folder includes textures for our android character along with FBX files of our standard android character and Unreal Rig in a T Pose. These are included to help set up characters in animation software for retargeting. You will also find an iClone avatar for our android character. This works in iClone and 3DXchange.